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What to Feed Chickens Naturally

Hi chicken managers! 

With regards to the care of my chooks, I incline toward attempted and tried characteristic items and techniques to keep them cluckin'. Here are my best 5 regular items for upbeat, solid hens!

Diatomaceous Earth 

  • Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is produced using ground fossilized green growth (silica) and follow minerals. This difficult to articulate item is super simple to utilize and a fundamental thing in any chicken guardian's toolbox.
  • Clean Bath
  • Superfine review Diatomaceous Earth is an eggcellently characteristic approach to counteract and battle vermin and lice and is anything but difficult to add to your chooks consistent clean shower spots.
  • Chicken Coop and Run
  • You can keep chickens cool in extreme heat
  • I sprinkle a layer of standard grade Diatomaceous Earth on the floor of chicken run and in my Hemp Bedding inside the coop to keep the coop noticing new and ensure my young ladies are dry and comfortable.
  • Tidying
  • Whenever bugs and lice assault I battle back with a decent tidying of Superfine review Diatomaceous Earth. The little review powder gets down to the base of my hens' quills and keeps lice and parasites from grabbing hold. 

Apple Cider Vinegar 

Apple Cider Vinegar is a great common instrument for chook managers. It's alkalizing impact on the body helps keep your hens solid by forestalling poultry worms and adjusting their gut wellbeing.

  • Add it to their water
  • Including 1 ml for each chicken, every day to your chooks' water supply will keep their water crisp and guarantee they get the appropriate add up to keep their tummies in tip-top condition.
  • Cleaning
  • Apple juice vinegar is incredible for cleaning around the coop and home and best of all there's no frightful concoction vapor for you or your brood to take in! Have a peck at our common cleaning arrangements here.

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Hemp Bedding

Need to know the mystery for a perfect, crisp chicken coop? Free from abundance dampness and scents? Characteristic HEMP BEDDING. It is totally natural, super retentive, bug repellent keeps going quite a while and separates quickly in the fertilizer or on the garden bed. A bundle will last around a half year for a rush of 3 chooks. Have a stickybeak at our guide here.


  • Garlic has incredible common advantages for chook-kind! It enables their body to repulse irritations and parasites, helps their insusceptible framework and keeps bugs from the backyard chicken coop.
  • Add it to their water
    Add a couple of garlic cloves to your hens' new water supply every day.
  • Add it to their encourage
  • Include a couple of pounded crisp garlic cloves or a teaspoon of common garlic powder to your chook feeder.
  • Hurl garlic skins into your settling boxes
  • Blend garlic clove skins into your chicken coop settling box bedding to counteract bugs and parasites. 


There are numerous herbs that influence an awesome expansion to your chicken rush's to bolster, coop, chook run and the terrace. From bug repellent properties to wellbeing sponsors, herbs truly are nature's prescription for hens and people alike! Have a little peck at my main 10 herbs for hens here.

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