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How to Keep Chickens Cool in Extreme Heat

Hi Chicken Keepers! 

Hot chooks aren't cool. At the point when the Aussie sun is high in the sky and the air turns into a bowl of soup your chickens are generally the first in the family to endure. Drying out and dampness are the sweltering climate foes of your feathered companions, yet fuss not! Keeping your hens agreeable, sound and glad when the mercury takes off to what the cluck levels is conceivable with these 5 hints! 

How to Keep Chickens Cool in Extreme Heat

Hydrated Hens = Happy Hens 

Keeping your patio chickens hydrated and feed chicken naturally is basic when the temp turns up. Ensure your chooks approach numerous crisp and cool wellsprings of water. Add an electrolyte lift to their tipple if the heatwave is especially overwhelming or if your women are looking dormant. 

Frozen Feast

High water content foods grown from the ground like strawberries, watermelon, cucumbers and zucchini make the ideal solidified treat for your patio hens. Hack, stop and serve their top picks as is or add them to a holder of water and stop for a fun and rummaging approach to chill those cluckers off.

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How to Keep Chickens Cool in Extreme Heat

Shady Chooks 

Shady chooks are cool chooks. We don't mean the hens that are dependably up to something… you know the ones. We mean the sort of chook that abides the refreshing day in the solace of a shaded chicken run or underneath the cool dappled light of a gum tree. Give your young ladies a choice of shaded spots to look over, keep their chicken coop shaded and give them access to shielded tidy shower spots to take care of business in the cool dry earth. 

Hemp and Vent 

Warmth and dampness are awesome in the event that you are a steamed pudding, however, a hen likes to remain cool and dry, many thanks. The most ideal approach to hold dampness down in your chicken coop and chook run is with a new layer of ludicrously retentive Hemp Bedding. This stuff douses up any droppings and assimilates air dampness as well. Not at all like whatever remains of us, chooks don't take after Scandinavian patterns, so ensure your chicken coop is very much ventilated to keep a Swedish Sauna Eggs-experience. 

How to Keep Chickens Cool in Extreme Heat

Cackle and Dip 

On the off chance that you don't have a blurred clamshell paddle pool in your lawn would you say you are even Australian? Put that dusty thing to utilize and give your chooks a little poultry paddle in a shady spot. Chickens aren't unfriendly to a saucy plunge and in extremely sweltering climate an attendant helped, bear profundity dunk will help cool them down. Wellbeing first! Make sure to keep any infant chicks between a rock and a hard place as they battle with water further than a couple of millimeters.

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